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Knowledge Is Power – Learn About the Magnificent Tissue Salts

Most of us have tried Tissue salts for hay fever or a cold, even the odd sinus infection. They are ...
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Does Your Medicine Cabinet Need A Detox?

Most home pharmacies look overwhelmingly like this. Out of date meds, supplements for who knows what and all sorts of ...
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Eczema – How Can I Help Myself?

I don’t know about you but it seems that eczema is on the rise. I see so many people in ...
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Taking The Struggle Out Of Childhood Eczema

When your child’s eczema is ruling your life it’s easy to be on the brink of despair. Eczema is a ...
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How To Give Your Kids An Excellent Start At School

With school starting soon parents everywhere are madly completing shopping lists to get their offspring ready for the first big ...
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Rare Homoeopathic Course – FULLY BOOKED

Thank you to everyone who has booked in.  Stayed tuned for more courses to come. This is an exceptional opportunity ...
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Homoeopathy For Families

Families are complex structures with ever-changing politics. In our families we learn to love, sacrifice, share & learn about boundaries & to live with people’s imperfections. Families are a playground where our children learn about life. Family is where everything begins. As a Homoeopath I’m passionate about supporting this incredible structure. If a child or a parent suffers stress, illness, trauma or sadness the whole family is affected. Homoeopathy is able to address an individual’s physical complaint whilst also taking the mental & emotional symptoms into account. When a family member is restored back to health the whole family can move on.

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We all deserve enabling, respectful and informative healthcare so we can make the right decisions for our health or the health of our children.

Homoeopathy is the second most used alternative medicine (World Health Organisation). Homeopathy is based on Nature’s law: like cures like. Classical homeopathy is a highly scientific, logical, safe and effective method of treatment.

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