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Managing Meltdowns and Tantrums in Children with Autism

There aren’t enough words to describe the agony families face when their child simply ‘‘loses’’ it. Some parents deal with ...
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Travel like the Queen with homeopathic medicine

Can you imagine getting off a long-haul flight and hitting the ground running? How about jet lag not spoiling the ...
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Child behavioural issues – How homeopathy can help

Have you got a difficult child? If you’ve answered YES then you are not as alone as you think. Many ...
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The easiest way to deal with hay fever – naturally

Sick of your allergy medication and no other way to turn? Think again. Complementary medicine has had effective solutions for ...
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Is your allergy specialist a homoeopath?

Allergy desensitisation has been around for a while. Nowadays this is through your allergist prescribing pills or injections of weakened ...
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Knowledge Is Power – Learn About the Magnificent Tissue Salts

Most of us have tried Tissue salts for hay fever or a cold, even the odd sinus infection. They are ...
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Homoeopathy For Families

Families are complex structures with ever-changing politics. In our families we learn to love, sacrifice, share & learn about boundaries & to live with people’s imperfections. Families are a playground where our children learn about life. Family is where everything begins. As a Homoeopath I’m passionate about supporting this incredible structure. If a child or a parent suffers stress, illness, trauma or sadness the whole family is affected. Homoeopathy is able to address an individual’s physical complaint whilst also taking the mental & emotional symptoms into account. When a family member is restored back to health the whole family can move on.

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We all deserve enabling, respectful and informative healthcare so we can make the right decisions for our health or the health of our children.

Homoeopathy is the second most used alternative medicine (World Health Organisation). Homeopathy is based on Nature’s law: like cures like. Classical homeopathy is a highly scientific, logical, safe and effective method of treatment.

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