A Rare Opportunity to Have a Say in Alternative Health Care

haveyoursay_webThe last few weeks have been very interesting for people in my profession. The Swiss Government has just released the most comprehensive study into alternative health care of all time. This study was commissioned by Switzerland’s Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) as part of an overall evaluation of alternative and complementary medicine.

The Swiss declared Homoeopathy more effective than conventional medicine in certain conditions.

In the winter months I usually see quite a few cases of middle ear infection. This painful condition sends shivers down the spine of most parents and also afflicts a lot of adults.

The value of homeopathy has replicated itself across studies in multiple countries. In a prospective observational study of 131 German children with otitis media, scientists also noted complete recovery at an earlier point in time for the homeopathically-treated group vs the conventionally-treated group. Only 4.8% of the homeopathically-treated children ended up receiving a course of antibiotics. Scientists had evaluated rates of improvement and the cost of treatment in 230 children with AOM, treated with homeopathy versus placebo. In the latter study, they found that 39% of the homeopathically-treated children achieved pain control within 6 hours of the initial treatment, followed by reduced pain in an additional 33% after 12 hours (72% experienced less ear pain within 12 hours). The rate of symptom improvement with homeopathy was 2.4 times faster than that in placebo controls.

We are now living in an age where the threat of antibiotic resistance is very real. We need antibiotics in the cases of severe infections. However, most doctors and research scientists agree that antibiotics are a very questionable treatment for middle ear infections.

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to investigate if there are any natural alternatives out there?

Adelaide Hills Homeopathy is now conducting a survey. We would like to examine if sufferers of acute and chronic middle ear infections (including glue ear) are interested in a research project. If you or your child suffers from Otitis Media (middle ear infection) or you know someone who does, then please pass on our details. We are conducting this survey to check if the public is interested in a research project to evaluate the effectiveness of Homeopathy here in South Australia.

Please complete the form below. Your interest will help us to decide whether replicate the studies conducted in European countries here for the first time in South Australia.

Thank you for supporting local alternative medicine therapists.

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