Managing Meltdowns and Tantrums in Children with Autism

There aren’t enough words to describe the agony families face when their child simply ‘‘loses’’ it.

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Some parents deal with meltdowns and tantrums almost on a daily basis. This takes a lot of energy and deserves more attention.

In this article I will explain what any parent can do, and then how a well-trained classical homeopath may help reduce the stress and recurrence of these frustrating moments. All backed up by a well-received recent study…

Is your child throwing a tantrum or are you dealing with a meltdown?

Knowing the difference determines what you should do next and will call for different strategies.

A temper tantrum occurs when the child has limited communication skills and doesn’t get his or her way. The child is still in control and simply exerts their will. These tantrums can be quite violent and distressing for anyone involved.

A proper meltdown on the other hand is a totally different scenario…

Meltdowns occur either due to exhaustion or sensory overload leading to a psychological “storm” of the nervous system.

And when this happens your child needs your help. Parents may carry kits including

  • Noise cancelling headphones which block out distressing sounds
  • Blankets which create a barrier between your child and outside stresses
  • Unscented or organic hand-wipes for when your child touches something that creates discomfort
  • A fidgety toy which is familiar and calming

What can you do when your child has meltdowns in public?

When outbursts occur in public the pressure increases tenfold.

Parents are stepping into hurricane territory in this very moment. Onlookers can not only be judgemental but also fascinated by the scene unfolding. Here are some tips for how to deal with these challenges.

  • Stay calm or at least try to
  • Stop what you are doing and help the child
  • If the situation is severe, explain your child has autism
  • Ask bystanders to stand back because space will help your child to calm down
  • Remove the child if possible

If meltdowns occur on a regular basis or you are struggling with other unmanageable behaviour, you may have considered medication.

A recent study (conducted by Barvalia et. al, 2014) on 60 autistic children suggested that there might be a more natural, side effect free option.  Over the six month observational study children were treated with classical homeopathy.

A total of 88.34% of cases showed improvement.

The findings of this study demonstrated the usefulness of homoeopathic treatment in reducing the symptoms of childhood autism disorder. This is reflected in significant reduction of hyperactivity, behavioural dysfunction, sensory impairment as well as communication difficulty.

This favourable outcome suggests that parents may have broader options for behaviour management medication for their autistic child.


Heike Bishop is a classically trained homeopath situated in the Adelaide Hills working with children on the autistic spectrum. For more information and bookings please call 0437 796 079 or visit the website at

Travel like the Queen with homeopathic medicine

Can you imagine getting off a long-haul flight and hitting the ground running?

How about jet lag not spoiling the first few days of your holiday…

Has your stomach given you grief after sampling that delicious street food you couldn’t resist?

How about travel nerves driving you crazy before going away?

Do it the royal way. Queen Elisabeth II has travelled with a customized homeopathic travel kit carried in a special leather case for centuries.

Homeopathics helped her to prevent fatigue, jet lag, indigestion or diarrhea and many other ailments that have the potential to ruin a well-deserved break.

Homeopathic remedies work rapidly, are inexpensive, lightweight and non-toxic. Bookings are available  at AdelaideHillsHomeopathy until the 20th of December.

If you are travelling to Asia for example, remedies for diarrhea, heat exhaustion and over partying might serve you well. Long-haul flights will be a problem if your destination is further away.

Remedies dealing with jetlag and time differences will be a natural, side-effective free alternative to sleeping pills. Certain tropical diseases can be helped with well selected remedies.

Equipped with your personalized kit, you’ll not only be traveling smarter – but safer.

Enjoy your holiday!

Child behavioural issues – How homeopathy can help

Child behavioural issues – How homeopathy can help

Have you got a difficult child?

If you’ve answered YES then you are not as alone as you think. Many parents experience extreme shame and guilt when dealing with an uncontrollable child.

If your kid is not able to self-regulate and flies into pieces at the slightest emotional setback, you are walking on eggshells.

Having to deal with that in the home environment is one thing but having to face constant complaints from kindy or school teachers is another story. These kids often end up in the psychologist’s office, which can be a slow process. But is there anything out there that works faster – along-side of psychotherapy?

Well selected homoeopathic remedies can support your child and stabilise extreme mood swings.

Difficult children can be quite aggressive – hitting, kicking and scratching is not out of the ordinary. Temper tantrums combined with threats, breaking and throwing things or hurting others or animals can drive parents to despair.

5-year-old Tom came into my office with aggressive behaviour. He had just started school and the teachers were already removing him from the classroom on multiple occasions for hitting his peers.
Tom had a hard time accepting the word ‘no’ and flew into rages several times a day. He experienced nightmares and was unable to sleep alone.

Upon asking more questions about Tom’s health history he was, apart from frequent ear infections, quite healthy. After prescribing a well selected substance that covered all of his symptoms, Tom’s parents noticed that his nightmares stopped after a few days and he calmed down significantly. His ear infections have not recurred since. The family is now working on improving Tom’s social interactions at school.

But some children have difficulty with jealousy, envy and struggle with extremely low self- esteem.

Lara, 6 years old has not been the same since her younger brother arrived. She started to behave like a baby wanting constant attention. Lara also began wetting the bed after being dry for several years. Her parents feel uncomfortable leaving her alone with her brother however briefly since they discovered bite marks on the baby’s arm.
Lara also complains of constant tummy aches. After the second prescription Lara’s behaviour and physical symptoms improved significantly. I only see her when there is a slight relapse.

Classical homoeopathy has many options for treating behavioural problems in children. Children who suffer extreme anger, strong fears or severe shyness can benefit from this side effect free, gentle and effective treatment.

Heike Bishop, registered and certified classical homeopath. 155 Mt Barker Rd, Stirling. Health insurance rebates may apply. Call 0437 796 079.

The easiest way to deal with hay fever – naturally

The easiest way to deal with hay fever – naturally

Sick of your allergy medication and no other way to turn? Think again.

Complementary medicine has had effective solutions for centuries but you won’t hear about the benefits at your local chemist.

Headlines such as ‘scientists warn – hay fever drugs may shrink your brain and raise dementia risk’ will make you question your meds.

The Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology concluded revealed that brain scans showed reduced brain size in people on allergy meds taken 3+ years.

Time to try a different approach so you can breathe through spring.

If nature gives you hay fever it also has the power to remedy it. Two of Adelaide’s experts in complementary medicine have joint to offer effective and side effect free relief this spring.

These experienced practitioners have fought on the ‘pollen front’ for several years and will tailor a natural remedy to your specific symptoms to increase immunity.

Fast results could be expected so you are ready to enjoy this spring.

Special offer of $85 for introductory treatment including prescription will end early November. Be quick – private health care rebates still apply.

Is your allergy specialist a homoeopath?

Is your allergy specialist a homoeopath?

Allergy desensitisation has been around for a while. Nowadays this is through your allergist prescribing pills or injections of weakened forms of the allergen. This method works by using increasingly small dilutions of the reactant until your body stops having a reaction. This can take as long as 6-8 months. That sounds logical, right?

The idea to treat similar symptoms with similar substances and it has been around for over 200 years. It was developed by the German physician Dr S. Hahnemann.

He took it a bit further. In his lifelong endeavour to refine this form of treatment, Hahnemann discovered that allergic reaction occurs due to the genetic makeup of the individual rather than the allergen itself. But there is more to this story.

Not everyone suffers from allergies.

Some people breeze through spring, others can’t go outside without constantly taking medication and suffering the side effects. There seems to be something in a person’s predisposition which causes allergic reaction. Allergy sufferers lack the ability to resist the allergen.

How can we increase the allergic person’s immunity effectively without side effects? This is where homeopathy comes in. This natural treatment treats the individual. If you see a well-trained homeopath, treatment will be unique. One person might get blocked sinuses, whereas the other experiences streaming eyes and a nose running like a tap. With an expertly trained homeopath, you are likely to achieve the best long-lasting results.

Has it been proven?

Three high value studies show that this form of treatment is as effective as conventional medicine without the side effects.

A study in Norway of 200 patients in 2006 confirmed this statement.

An Austrian study in 2011 showed favourable results with homeopathic treatment. The biggest study was conducted in India with 784 participants. Researchers concluded that 74.5% of patients improved drastically.

So, is your immunologist a homeopath?

No, they are not. There is a lot more to homeopathy. Everyone suffering hay fever is different. A tailor-made approach and the correct selection of the substance prescribed is the key. Homeopathics have not been tested on animals, are vegan friendly, side effect free and easy to take.

Adelaide Hills Homeopathy is offering a special this spring. Mention this article, book as soon as possible for a convenient appointment. Between the 20th and end of September, receive a 25% discount on your consultation.

Heike Bishop, registered and certified homeopath. 155 Mt Barker Rd, Stirling. Health insurance rebates may apply. Call 0437 796 079.

Knowledge Is Power – Learn About the Magnificent Tissue Salts

Knowledge Is Power – Learn About the Magnificent Tissue Salts

Most of us have tried Tissue salts for hay fever or a cold, even the odd sinus infection. They are working, right?

Imagine what you could do for yourself, family and even your furry friends if you knew more about them. It’s a great start for EFFECTIVE home prescribing.

Learn the science behind Tissue Salts, correct dosage and get an in-depth understanding of how to use this therapy. Tissue salts don’t produce side effects but help the body overcome every day health issues. They are suitable for all ages.

I’ve got only 5 spots available in my upcoming course on Sunday the 17th of September. Spend the day with like-minded people. We’ll meet at the Belair Hotel with views over the beautiful hills and table service at 10.30 am until 3 pm.

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Does Your Medicine Cabinet Need A Detox?

Does Your Medicine Cabinet Need A Detox?

Most home pharmacies look overwhelmingly like this. Out of date meds, supplements for who knows what and all sorts of toxic over-the-counter medications.

Most people know Tissue Salts, and if you don’t you better check them out. Everyday problems from abscesses to vertigo can be treated with impressive results. Biochemical Tissue Salts are a valuable support for common health problems. Learn how to use Schuessler’s Tissue Salts to your best advantage. Personalize every dosage and become an expert in this easy to learn, natural aid. This course will help you approach health issues in a professional way, saving money and time. Tissue Salts can be given to babies and children without any fear of side effects or over dosage. This cost effective form of therapy is also more economical than most other Natural Therapies.

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Eczema – How Can I Help Myself?

Eczema – How Can I Help Myself?

I don’t know about you but it seems that eczema is on the rise. I see so many people in my clinic whose skin is giving them a hard time. I love my job and am happy to give advice wherever I can.

Many live with this condition and try a lot to treat it, only to eventually give up out of frustration.

They are spending their days applying different topical creams and lotions. And worse than the disease itself is enduring unwanted medical advice. Friends, relatives and strangers all have something to say about miracle cures.

Did you know that Homeopathy has an excellent track record in scientific studies that show great results in the treatment of eczema?

Of course it will take some time. Eczema is tricky and long-term results are what is needed.

If you want a plan, a dedicated and registered practitioner who wants results as much as you do, book a short appointment to see if this is for you.

Here is some more information you may find interesting.

And YES children and babies are welcome.



Taking The Struggle Out Of Childhood Eczema

Taking The Struggle Out Of Childhood Eczema

When your child’s eczema is ruling your life it’s easy to be on the brink of despair.

Eczema is a bane for around 10% of all children. The first stop is of course the doctor. A parent with good intentions will apply the topical steroid creams and lotions dutifully.

After all, the child is uncomfortable, with skin so itchy it will keep the family awake at night. Topical steroids will be used almost daily, leading to the much-feared steroid dependency and side effects.

This is a road many parents would like to avoid.

Overseas studies suggest that eczema could be handled another way. Children under homeopathic treatment will sleep better, behave better and the symptoms of eczema and associated conditions will be much improved. Children will get their childhood back and parents are relieved when skin flare ups take the backseat. Sleepless nights and unwelcome comments from strangers will be a distant memory. How?

Scientific research in favor of homoeopathy is being released constantly. This latest long term study from Italy observed and recorded 325 children suffering from asthma, eczema and hay fever over a period of 16 yrs. Short term improvement was seen in 80.3% of eczema cases. Long term results were even more striking. A staggering 84.2% of children presented with complete remission. These results are impressive don’t you think? Classical homeopath Heike Bishop says “I have seen quite a number of children with eczema. The results in my clinic trend to confirm this study. This is why I am excited to offer a no obligation phone consultation until the 10th of April 2017”. Phone 0437 796 079.


How To Give Your Kids An Excellent Start At School

How To Give Your Kids An Excellent Start At School

With school starting soon parents everywhere are madly completing shopping lists to get their offspring ready for the first big day. However, new uniforms and brand new shiny leather shoes won’t help with the fact that pre-school nerves are ramping up. Some children already complain about bad sleep, low energy and stomach aches without having a physical reason. All too often we forget how anxious it would make us if we knew we had to face a new boss (i.e. teacher) or if most of our trusted workmates had been replaced with new faces – you get the drift… Some children will go to school for the first time in their lives and are either excited or simply terrified.

As a parent you can sense their anticipation and may struggle with your own worries seeing our children going off to Primary or High School. Is there anything out there to help your child that is easy and has no side effects?

In Germany for centuries parents have relied on Schuessler’s Tissue Salts. This micro mineral therapy helps children’s bodies adjust to new situations easily. Kids love to take them, there are no artificial flavours or sweeteners, and they are safe and effective. The minute doses ensure there is no toxic build up in the cells as is the case with other common macro minerals in supplements.

How do Tissue Salts work? Simple. The German Biochemist Dr Schuessler discovered 12 different mineral combinations essential for cell function. He discovered doses for safe and easy cell uptake. This simple and effective form of therapy has been used by Australians for decades but the real value for children’s requirements still remains largely unknown.

Children tend to have higher needs for certain minerals because of their increased cell metabolism. Schuessler’s Tissue Salts offer excellent support alongside a healthy diet.

To help stomach cramps due to anxiety try Mag Phos.

For general nervousness leading to behaviour problems or excessive worry use a combination of Calc Phos, Kali Phos, Mag Phos and Silica.

To help your child maintain their energy and keep them well during and after demanding school days try Ferr Phos and Kali Mur.

Tissue Salts are affordable and easy to use. If you have any questions in regards to dosage or if your child is intolerant to dairy please call my office to arrange a short appointment. Phone 0437 796 079.

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