Child behavioural issues – How homeopathy can help

Have you got a difficult child?

If you’ve answered YES then you are not as alone as you think. Many parents experience extreme shame and guilt when dealing with an uncontrollable child.

If your kid is not able to self-regulate and flies into pieces at the slightest emotional setback, you are walking on eggshells.

Having to deal with that in the home environment is one thing but having to face constant complaints from kindy or school teachers is another story. These kids often end up in the psychologist’s office, which can be a slow process. But is there anything out there that works faster – along-side of psychotherapy?

Well selected homoeopathic remedies can support your child and stabilise extreme mood swings.

Difficult children can be quite aggressive – hitting, kicking and scratching is not out of the ordinary. Temper tantrums combined with threats, breaking and throwing things or hurting others or animals can drive parents to despair.

5-year-old Tom came into my office with aggressive behaviour. He had just started school and the teachers were already removing him from the classroom on multiple occasions for hitting his peers.
Tom had a hard time accepting the word ‘no’ and flew into rages several times a day. He experienced nightmares and was unable to sleep alone.

Upon asking more questions about Tom’s health history he was, apart from frequent ear infections, quite healthy. After prescribing a well selected substance that covered all of his symptoms, Tom’s parents noticed that his nightmares stopped after a few days and he calmed down significantly. His ear infections have not recurred since. The family is now working on improving Tom’s social interactions at school.

But some children have difficulty with jealousy, envy and struggle with extremely low self- esteem.

Lara, 6 years old has not been the same since her younger brother arrived. She started to behave like a baby wanting constant attention. Lara also began wetting the bed after being dry for several years. Her parents feel uncomfortable leaving her alone with her brother however briefly since they discovered bite marks on the baby’s arm.
Lara also complains of constant tummy aches. After the second prescription Lara’s behaviour and physical symptoms improved significantly. I only see her when there is a slight relapse.

Classical homoeopathy has many options for treating behavioural problems in children. Children who suffer extreme anger, strong fears or severe shyness can benefit from this side effect free, gentle and effective treatment.

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