Frustrated With Skin Complaints? Watch This

Skin conditions show how well homoeopathy works in most cases.

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So .. How Does It Work?

In a typical homeopathic consultation a full medical history is taken in. To get a good symptom picture the whole person must be considered.

People are often astonished how much detail is required. Once the specific symptoms have been identified a particular substance is then matched to the symptom picture. This will start the treatment process.

You will be asked about your digestion, breathing, weather and food preferences and of course your skin problems. You will be asked what makes you feel better or worse, if there are any triggers, or if there is any medication or supplements you are taking.

Often people will only want to talk about their skin problem. It is absolutely crucial to get more details about what makes the person tick, their likes and dislikes. This information leads us to the right substance. It is without a doubt a tailored treatment.

Homeopathic substances (there are several thousand to choose from) come from the vegetable, animal or mineral kingdom. Close contact in the early stages will help to determine the strength of the homeopathic medicine much as the dose.

Weekly updates are encouraged. This close cooperation can speed up the treatment enormously.

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Since this video was made, the progress has continued to be steady and reliable. The treatment will be ongoing until every last lesion has resolved, which will be in the very near future.

These images taken at the end of June 2016:




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