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Tonsillitis is a common problem in the colder months and many school children suffer once or several times with this infection. The first symptoms include fever, pain on swallowing and coughing. As tonsillitis often starts as a viral infection, rest and pain killers are often the only thing a parent can offer their children.

A recent South African study has put Homoeopathy to the test and the results are encouraging. The randomised, double-blind placebo, controlled six day study concluded that a Homoeopathic complex showed significant anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities in children with acute viral tonsillitis.

Your child’s tonsils are valuable for their immune system. These important glands, laced with infection-fighting lymphocytes are located at the back of the throat. Tonsils are a first-line defence when viruses or bacteria enter the body, often preventing simple colds from developing into chest infections. If tonsillitis becomes a reoccurring problem surgery is not the only solution. Homoeopathy has been known for over 200 years to remove this tendency. Specific questions regarding the speed of the infection, the nature of the pain (e.g. burning vs. stitching pain) and what proceeded the infection are asked in order to match theses symptoms to an indicated Homoeopathic substance. This highly individualised process often leads to astonishing results. A well trained classical Homoeopath will be able to assist your child to overcome this chronic condition and potentially avoid surgery.

You can assist your child by offering plenty of rest and salt water gargles. Soft foods such as freshly squeezed juice and homemade soups (serve cold if warmth is not tolerated) can also help. A humidifier placed in the child’s bedroom helps breathing and promotes sound sleep at night. To rehydrate and sooth, try a lime squeezed in a glass of warm water with four teaspoons of raw honey and a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. TLC can’t be overlooked in the recovery of your child. If you want a gentle yet effective approach try Homoeopathy which is a traditional form of medicine practiced in over 80 countries. Homoeopathy is perfect for children because it is easily administered, well tolerated and under professional care virtually side-effect free. All Homoeopathic substances are TGA approved. Private health care rebates are available.

Parent Testimonial

“Prior to the visit with you Angus my six year old was on the waiting list to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. From ‘Day Dot’ he has been a chronic snorer and developed sleep apnoea as well. This then snow-balled into lack of sleep; tiredness; frustration; low immunity, etc.”

“After the first consultation and your diagnosed remedy, I was surprised of the quick response Angus had to the remedy. For the first time in his life he has been able to sleep with his mouth closed and breathe through his nose – no snoring!”

“I love the ease of administering the remedies to Angus.”

“The amount of questions you ask are great. I can see the importance of you understanding who you are dealing with, not only from the symptoms of their ailments but who they are personally right down to their preferences of food and how they think in certain situations. Totally amazing!!! You also think outside of the square and look at things from a different angle to find a solution – I can finally see how you are piecing it all together, just like a 3 dimensional puzzle.”

“I took Angus to the hospital the other day to check up on his tonsils and to confirm if he still needed his tonsils removed and the doctor was very pleased with the reduction of size and said there was no need to remove his tonsils and adenoids and “…to keep doing what you’re doing”.”

“He has been taken off the waiting list.”

“Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

Tanya, South Australia




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