Eczema – How Can I Help Myself?

I don’t know about you but it seems that eczema is on the rise. I see so many people in my clinic whose skin is giving them a hard time. I love my job and am happy to give advice wherever I can.

Many live with this condition and try a lot to treat it, only to eventually give up out of frustration.

They are spending their days applying different topical creams and lotions. And worse than the disease itself is enduring unwanted medical advice. Friends, relatives and strangers all have something to say about miracle cures.

Did you know that Homeopathy has an excellent track record in scientific studies that show great results in the treatment of eczema?

Of course it will take some time. Eczema is tricky and long-term results are what is needed.

If you want a plan, a dedicated and registered practitioner who wants results as much as you do, book a short appointment to see if this is for you.

Here is some more information you may find interesting.

And YES children and babies are welcome.



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