“My wife and I have been working with Heike on a homeopathic basis for approximately 5 years now. In that time we have had three children, two boys and a girl, who have also all benefited from homeopathic treatment for various reasons. As a family, we are all grateful to have an effective, non-invasive and side-effect free source of help for many ailments, both acute and long term.

“Heike has been able to help with a variety of acute issues that have arisen, such as mastitis and thrush for my wife during pregnancy and post-birth. She has also helped on many occasions with such things as colds, ear aches, and teething and colic in the kids during infancy. The homeopathic remedies are fast acting (for example in some cases teething symptoms disappeared within 5 minutes of taking the remedy) and there are no side effects.

“Heike has also helped with many deeper, long term issues including low self-esteem and anxiety, menstrual irregularity and hormonal imbalances, and autism symptoms. Our oldest child developed serious signs of autism at approximately 12 months old, where he went from being happy, relaxed and playful to being highly strung, unsettled, grumpy and obsessive within the course of a few days. However, by working with Heike these signs have disappeared and he is now a happy five year old just starting school. We have also found that particularly with the second and third children, who were conceived and born after their mother had been working with Heike for some time, there has been noticeably little sickness or susceptibility to typically contagious illnesses, and general health, intelligence and energy has been very good.

“Visiting Heike is easy; her friendly professionalism and obvious caring nature encourage us to open up to her and work with her to get to the root cause of issues rather than apply a blanket “band-aid” solution to suppress symptoms. The children all trust her and look forward to visiting her, and for my wife and I it is comforting to work with someone who spends the time needed to get an accurate diagnosis. Whilst for us it is a one hour trip each way to see Heike when we need to visit, we always come away knowing and feeling that it has been more than worth it. We also like that the remedies are so easy to take, especially for the children, and also knowing that there are never any side-effects. We would recommend homeopathy, and Heike, to anyone.”

Dave and Verity, Hillbank SA

Anxiety & Childhood

“In 2014 my nine year old daughter went from being a happy, silly, confident child that at times got a little bit nervous, to someone who suffered from extreme anxiety. Jardel stopped having play overs with friends, grandparents and other close relatives. Then with the anxiety at its peak Jardel withdrew from school, from life it seemed.

“As a parent this was an extremely emotional time. I didn’t know what had happened to my happy little girl. We sought help and tried a handful of different therapies. None of them worked. In fact it only caused her greater anxiety. So we stopped and rested until one day a friend recommended Heike Bishop. My girlfriend had had wonderful results so I thought we’d give it a go.

“The results have been amazing. We only saw Heike twice and the difference has been profound. Jardel is back at school having sleepovers, play overs, activities after school she even performed in the end of year play, it was amazing!!!!!!!

“Heike was professional, and very thorough in her consultations. She also made follow-up phone calls which I found very reassuring. Heike is now our family practitioner and I would recommend her for any issue you have in your life no matter how small or large.”

Loren, South Australia

Childhood & Adolescence

“James is now a different boy. His stomach issues, whining and constant ear infections were unbearable. The treatment with Heike took his pain away so he can now be a nice child.

“I love homeopathy because James can’t wait to see Heike.

“I have felt that you took me seriously and did not dismiss me and my feelings as a mum.

“James’ first eighteen months were overshadowed by pain until I tried Homeopathy.”

Lesley, 30’s, Mother of James, 2 & a half years old, Rosewater, South Australia

“My son’s health and well being increased dramatically.

“Since he was born he could not sleep very well plus he had constant recurring infections.

“We now have a healthy, sound-sleeping boy so my family is much happier”

Sharon, South Australia

“I was introduced to Homeopathy by a close friend who encouraged me to look at my family’s health in a holistic way. The small doses used in Homeopathy make it safe and the remedies are individually chosen for my child. Now we have dry nights and the overall improvement I can see in my son is truly astonishing. Thanks for your support – it has meant so much to me.”

Lisa, 32 years old, Mother of Julian, 5 years old, South Australia

“I just want you to know how wrapped I am with your knowledge and wisdom in helping my two children. Prior to the visit with you Angus my six year old was on the waiting list to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. From ‘Day Dot’ he has been a chronic snorer and developed sleep apnoea as well. This then snow-balled into lack of sleep; tiredness; frustration; low immunity, etc. After the first consultation and your diagnosed remedy, I was surprised of the quick response Angus had to the remedy. For the first time in his life he has been able to sleep with his mouth closed and breathe through his nose – no snoring! The other major thing you helped Angus with (almost immediately) was his coughing at night. Because he had severe eczema from 7 months old, he had this niggly asthmatic cough that would develop at night giving him a broken night’s sleep that would take a few hours to subside. He no longer has that cough.

“Aside from the healing powers of Homeopathy, the other great thing I love is the ease of administering the remedies to Angus. He is one of those children you had to tie down, hold his nose and try and shove the spoonful of medicine into his mouth (which he never swallowed anyhow). But because the remedy is like giving him a teaspoon of water, he takes it with no problem.

“The amount of questions you ask are great. I can see the importance of you understanding who you are dealing with, not only from the symptoms of their ailments but who they are personally right down to their preferences of food and how they think in certain situations. Totally amazing!!! You also think outside of the square and look at things from a different angle to find a solution – I can finally see how you are piecing it all together, just like a 3 dimensional puzzle.

“I also can’t thank-you enough for always being there to help in acute situations like earaches and gastro – you’re just one naturally caring person!!!

“Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

“PS I took Angus to the hospital the other day to check up on his tonsils and to confirm if he still needed his tonsils removed and the doctor was very pleased with the reduction of size and said there was no need to remove his tonsils and adenoids and “…to keep doing what you’re doing”. He has been taken off the waiting list.”

Tanya, South Australia

“My daughter had been catching colds for many years in a row. She also suffered of asthma, making matters worse. Since I saw Heike her health has been steadily improving. Now we use her puffer sparingly. Thank you very much, Homeopathy works!”

Tania, Mother of Taylah 6 years old, South Australia

Women’s Health

“Homeopathy has give me a second chance. Where specialists couldn’t help I found my health restored with Homeopathy. My physical and emotional symptoms have been relieved and I find myself stronger and healthier.”

Lisa, South Australia

“As far as I was concerned I had only two choices. Either I could go to a GP for a “quick fix” visit to receive a five minute consulation and a prescription for some anti-biotics (which only made me feel worse) or to try a more natural way without all of the nasty side effects. Homeopathy has given me that choice and I haven’t looked back since.”

Gisela, South Australia


“I consulted Heike after a severe traumatic event that left me with physical and mental problems. Traditional medical practitioners had reached the limit of what they could offer me. My self-confidence was shattered and I felt hopeless, helpless and desperate to get to a “better place” than the one they had left me in.

“What a relief when my consultations with Heike started. I felt listened to, taken seriously and actively involved in working out a treatment plan specific for my situation. I felt supported and safe and my progress was steady and encouraging. I am now in a much “happier place” after several visits and feel like a person who is functioning satisfactorily again.”

Maggie, South Australia



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