Flu’s, Colds & Homeopathy

coldsThis article is dedicated to the most often “feared” conditions of the season – colds & flu’s.

Advertising constantly bombards us with a range of products to combat these nasties. This motivated me to reveal the secrets about colds/flu’s, flu shots, antibiotics and much more, so YOU and your family can benefit. After all – the more you know – the more you love Homoeopathy.

Happy reading and wishing to put your health back in your hands.

Who is afraid of the cold/flu?

You had a rough week and here it comes – sore throat, stuffed up nose and you feel pretty crook. You know the rest…

My husband always comments how his co-workers drop like flies in the flu season.  Some people seem to suffer for weeks. Did you know that if you let a cold or flu run its course and simply allow yourself to rest that this can be very beneficially to your health? I know you want me to stop right here but let me argue my point.

There are two good reasons why:

1. Your immune system deals with the infection and on top of that creates antibodies which make sure that this particular virus never strikes again.

2. Your body undergoes a spring clean. Viruses which cause the common cold or flu are mainly attacking your weakest cells; the ones your body should have eliminated already. In the process of the clean up these cells get replaced by a new set of healthy cells. All the mucous you blow out is a clear sign that your body is wisely cleansing.

This vital process is a natural and absolutely FREE way to keep you healthy over time. Have you ever noticed that people with a chronic health condition don’t seem to get a cold or flu? It is not because they are healthy; their body is simply not vital enough to take it on.

Observe within yourself or a loved one the surge of energy after successfully overcoming a cold or flu and judge for yourself. Any of the suppressive medicines you are taking to combat fever, congested sinuses, coughing or a runny nose only interfere with this process.

What to do with a Cold or Flu?

When you get struck simply look after yourself and let the world ‘go to the dogs’. You most likely need a break. Even busy mums are amazed when they check on their family and find that no-one has died of starvation and no rodents have moved in.

Homeopathy: The Bug-Buster

However, there are times when you can’t afford to take time out or when complications occur. Everyone treated constitutionally with homeopathics on a regular basis will have more resistance, and once struck they usually bounce back in no time.

But if you get infections too frequently, or if you are struck and stuck homeopathy will not disappoint and will get you back on track swiftly – naturally.

Commonly indicated remedies:

You either have them already in your homeopathic emergency kit or you can purchase them. Here are the ‘must haves’:


  • Sudden onset of symptoms esp. after exposure to cold/dry winds
  • Person is restless, anxious with hot and dry skin
  • Cough sounds dry and/or croupy
  • Red, congested face when lying down but pale on rising


  • Will check colds if taken in the beginning
  • A clear and runny nose with weakness is one of the main indicators


  • Fever peaking around 3pm
  • Bright red face with dilated pupils and headache
  • Dry, violent cough
  • Body hot but hands and feet cold


  • Slow onset – will take a few days to develop
  • Person is very irritable when disturbed does not want to move and wants to be left alone
  • Dry cough breathing and/or coughing can be painful


  • Slow onset of a flu
  • Person experiences drowsiness – can’t keep eyes open
  • Sore muscles
  • Sensation of chills running up and down the back

Spongia Toasta:

  • Excellent remedy for bronchitis or croup
  • Cough is dry, barking and hollow in nature and comes in fits
  • Husky voice with tickling sensation in throat
  • Fear of suffocation

As soon as you are coming down with something take Dr. Schuessler’s tissue salts “First stage of illness”; often that will prevent a cold all together.

Also another helpful tip might be to burn some Eucalyptus oil especially when more than one family member has caught the bug.

Did you know …

The last major Flu epidemic occurred in 1918-1919 and killed millions of people worldwide. Epidemics of this proportion often strike after a war or natural disaster.
Lucky were those people who ended up in the hands of a homeopath. The statistics state ‘homeopaths reported around 1% mortality in their cases, while conventional doctors were loosing 30% of their patients’. (Source: www.lifemedical.us/flu)

Antibiotics (Or in plain English – anti-life)

This type of medication only works on bacteria and some fungi. Flu’s and colds are caused by viruses. Antibiotics not only disorder your digestive track’s flora they also cause fungal infections such as thrush.

What is the difference between a common cold and the flu?

With a cold you would experience:

  • A runny or blocked nose
  • Sneezing
  • An irritated throat
  • Mild fever
  • Sometimes blocked ears.

With the flu or influenza you have generally more severe symptoms and you might feel:

  • An irritation or slight pain in your throat or lungs
  • Dry cough
  • Shivering
  • Sweating
  • Muscle and/or bone pains.

(Source: health.ninemsn.com.au)

To put it simply – with a cold you could still function, whereas if you caught the flu you can’t get out of bed.

The Truth About Flu Shots

The common influenza is mere inconvenient and usually NOT life threatening. Only people who suffer from immune deficiency might experience complications.

The flu vaccine does not protect from all strains of flu viruses and has been labeled ineffective by some scientists. The Italian epidemiologist Dr. Demichelia stated in a flu vaccine debate published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 2002 that the “vaccine efficiency is no greater than 25%”.

(Source: www.friendsoffreedominternational.org)

Not only is the efficiency debatable but a greater worry is the side-effects from the additives and preservatives which have been linked to many chronic illnesses people in the developed world are plagued by.

Before you expose your arm and get a shot do your homework and investigate before you vaccinate. Or contact the friendly people from the VISA-vaccination-information-SA and go to www.visainfo.org.au


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