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Heike Bishop (Adv. Dip. Hom.)

Heike studied at the Adelaide Training College of Complementary Medicine for four years full time, and has been trained in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, the Philosophy of classical homeopathy and had extensive training in practical application.

She is currently providing homeopathy to patients in the Eastern Suburbs & Adelaide Hills* from her clinic at 155 Mt. Barker Road, Stirling. She is a member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society.

Heike also conducts regular courses on Homoeopathy.

To contact Heike for an appointment please phone 0437 796 079.

Postgraduate Studies

  • 2016 – Studied Gems From Indian Homeopathy with Dr Mona Parmar
  • 2015 – Studied Homeoprophylaxis with Isaac Golden
  • 2015 – Studied Simple Strategies with Jeremy Sherr
  • 2012-2014 – Vice President PACH (Professional Association of Classical Homoeopaths)
  • 2011 – Article “History of Homoeopathy in SA” published by Hpathy.com
  • 2010 – Advanced post-gradute study with Dr. Farokh Master
  • 2010 – Studies of the original texts of Dr Samuel Friedrich Hahnemann (Founder of Homoeopathy) at the Bosch Institute of Geschichte der Medizin in Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2009 – Advanced post-gradute study Children & Autism with Dr. Luc de Schepper
  • 2009 – Homoeopathy in paediatrics with Dr Farokh J. Master
  • 2008 – Homoeopathy in Autism with Dr Luc de Schepper
  • 2007 – Finding the similimum with Dr Luc de Schepper


  • 2015 – July edition article in HPATHY (International Online Journal of Homoeopathy)
  • 2015 – Regular contributions on a three weekly basis in the health section of the Weekender Herald
  • 2010 – Published paper ‘The History Of Homoeopathy In South Australia‘ on HPATHY

Public Speaking

  • 2010 – Homoeopathy the medicine of the early German settlers – Wendish Society, Melbourne
  • 2010 – The role of homoeopathic disease prevention – Vaccination Information of South Australia
  • 2008 – History of Medicine of the early settlers in South Australia – Lutheran Society of South Australia


  • 2007 – Member of ATSMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
  • 2012-2014 – Vice president of PACH (Professional Association of Classical Homoeopathy)


  • 2009 – Further studies at the Adelaide Training College of Complementary Medicine in preparation for a lecturing position (H0097AD)
  • 2002-2007 – Advanced Diploma in Homoeopathy at the Adelaide Training College of Complementary Medicine, Adelaide (HLT60602)
  • 2006 – Award of excellence ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)


Price List & Services

Seeing a homeopath is quite different compared to other consultations. Recent studies suggest that clients who consult with a registered and qualified homeopath feel that the case taking process is therapeutic in itself. You will not be rushed along. This individualised approach will be respectful, informative and most of all a collaboration to get you or your child well as soon and gently as possible.

Why should I see a classical homoeopath?

You’ll find that most naturopaths, some chiropractors and other providers will offer homoeopathic consultations too. Sometimes even as a part of a package, selling homoeopathics with more ingredients.

This is neither homeopathic treatment you are paying for, nor do you get a pure homeopathic product.

Let me put it this way… when you go to your GP and you have a specific problem they’ll send you to a specialist, right?

I am not a doctor but I am a specialist in homeopathy registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society devoting my time here to getting people well without side effects to the best standard of my profession.

A registered classical homoeopath practices only homoeopathy. They have studied it, live it and breathe it. You will often find that homoeopaths don’t branch into other modalities. No supplements are sold.

We also don’t sneak in a quick spinal adjustments.

If you want an expert please check that you get one.


Expert Checklist

  • Your homoeopath should be fully registered and you can claim your invoice on your private health fund (if you have the right cover)
  • Your homoeopath is trained for at least 4 years in homeopathy
  • The first consultation for a chronic complaint should not be less than one hour
  • Your homoeopath prescribes homeopathics with only one ingredient (individualisation is key to ensure you are getting what you are paying for) 


Interview With Heike

This interview was conducted on the 10/09/2014 by Health Voice.

HV: First up can you tell me the difference between generic Homoeopathy and Classical Homeopathy?

HB: Of course. In Australia homoeopathy is not regulated. In the worst case scenario someone having completed a weekend course can advertise Homoeopathy as part of their services.

A Classical Homoeopath spends 4 year training in Homoeopathy and Medical Science including other modalities and has to complete ongoing training in order to be registered.
When you see a Classical Homoeopath you see an expert in homoeopathy.

HV: What are you known for professionally?

HB: Professionally I’m known for my passion or obsession with homoeopathy. I just love it. It’s such an elegant, intelligent healing art. Even my colleagues think I’m a bit of a nerd.

HV: What is the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?

I find it most rewarding to work with families. It’s great to give a child a good start in life. Homoeopathy doesn’t just solve health issues it also promotes communication and understanding between family members. When I start treating a child for digestive disorders, autistic spectrum disorder, insomnia and/or behaviour problems and mum decides to have treatment for her health issues as well, the treatment becomes much more effective.

HV: How is the treatment more effective when treating the whole family?

Children inherit their genes from their parents so often there are similar health issues or behaviour patterns in the family. Well, when a child suddenly gets better, generally the rest of the family has accommodated the illness until that point. For instance, a Mother may suffer from exhaustion or related health issues because she was the carer. Siblings may be resentful or feel neglected. By treating the whole family we acknowledge the family dynamic and help restore balance within the individual members and as a whole.

HV: Why did you become a homoeopath?

HB: I came across the law of similars very early on. It resonated with me and made sense. When I was pregnant with my last child we had a death in the family. I was devastated and suffered from contractions in the fifth month of the pregnancy. I did not know where to turn. It was not just an emotional problem; physiologically I was in danger of losing my child. When someone suggested homoeopathy I did not hesitate. I kept my baby and my homoeopath was able to help me with other pregnancy related problems as well. I felt my mood lifting and with a sudden blinding certainty I knew I wanted to study homoeopathy.

HV: How long have you been doing what you do?

HB: I graduated in 2006. And have been working since then in private practice.

HV:  Where did you grow up?

HP: I grew up in East-Germany. Germany was divided by a wall after the Second World War. Our government told you what to think and when to breathe.

Having had this kind of background it makes me acutely aware how important choice and free speech are.

HP: Any volunteer activities you are crazy about.

HB: I give regular free talks about homoeopathy. Also, I love connecting people to receive good quality information regarding health choices. I’m looking to create a support group in the Adelaide Hills for parents interested in natural health. If there are any parents reading this, please let me know if you are interested.

HP: Did you receive any awards?

HB: I graduated with an award for extraordinary achievement and was awarded free membership to the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

It was also a great day when I was approached by Allan Schmuckler (chef editor of Hpathy) to publish my thesis.

HP: What is frustrating about your job?

HB: I am always astonished when clients want a longstanding health issue resolved in one or two sessions. The bigger the issue, the longer it takes – there is no fast track. If someone has a longstanding health complaint for over 10 years then it might take a year to clear this problem up. It is much more rewarding because other problems might clear up too. Homoeopathy works as a team approach. It relies on a cooperative relationship between client and practitioner.

HV: What are you passionate about personally?

HB: I love gardening. There is something magical about turning a patch of dirt into a sanctuary with its own biosphere.

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Skype consultations also available.

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