Homeopathy – Clean, Effective & Good Enough For The Swiss

swiss_flagThe word’s most comprehensive report into the effectiveness and safety of Homeopathy has just been released by the Swiss Government.

This landmark study of 300 pages by such a neutral and reputable country as Switzerland finally gives Homeopathy the recognition it deserves.

A very good article by leading Homeopath Dana Ullman published in the Huffington Post, points out that:

“The Swiss government’s inquiry into homeopathy and complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments resulted from the high demand and widespread use of alternatives to conventional medicine in Switzerland, not only from consumers but from physicians as well. Approximately half of the Swiss population have used CAM treatments and value them. Further, about half of Swiss physicians consider CAM treatments to be effective. Perhaps most significantly, 85 percent of the Swiss population wants CAM therapies to be a part of their country’s health insurance program.”

You can read Dana’s full article here.

You can also read extracts from the report here.

To celebrate this news, I am keeping my free course on fever available for newsletter subscribers.

Having been a registered Homoeopath for 10 years, I have seen the effectiveness of Homoeopathy every day. More and more scientific studies are released to provide increased confidence for consumers of this traditional healing art.

No doubt there will be more to talk about and I will be discussing many of the reports findings in coming articles.

For now the words of one of Switzerland’s most famous citizens:

“I love the Swiss because by and large, they are more humane than the other people among whom I have lived

Albert Einstein


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