A Breath of Fresh Air in the Treatment of Asthma

asthmaMake 2016 the year of health. Do you dread the autumn hay fever season followed by the colds suffered in winter? Isn’t it time you visited your local homoeopath to experience natural, effective and side effect free treatment for you or your child’s asthma symptoms? Don’t wait until wheezing and general bad health makes a comeback this year.

Asthma has been around for ages. The term asthma was coined by the father of medicine himself – Hippocrates. Sadly this condition has increased dramatically within the last 40 years.

Have you ever asked yourself if there are natural and effective alternatives to the treatment of asthma? A treatment that is side effect free, restores your health and treats the causes of the condition?

You might be interested to know that there may be an alternative to the constant use of puffers, which are effective in an actual asthma attack but offer very little in significantly improving the condition. Homoeopathic treatment can be used alongside your asthma medication until you are better.

Homeopathy individualises. Don’t you deserve treatment that is tailor-made to you? Not everyone reacts to the same triggers or suffers the same kind of asthma attack. The cause or triggers range from:

  • Allergies, in this case the immune system “overreacts” to certain stimulants.
  • Asthma developing from cold/coughs, upper respiratory tract or bronchial infections.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Asthma developing from exposure to environmental pollution.


To find and identify the triggers and to record symptoms are most important to a homeopath. A homeopathic substance matching the person who suffers from asthma will be given, which stimulates the healing response. Individualised treatment will re-train your immune system to respond in a more appropriate manner to common triggers.

Self-help tip: Enrol in a yoga class. We only use 10% of our lung capacity in our daily breathing. Yoga along many other health benefits will focus your attention to your breath and exercise your lungs accordingly.

Visiting a registered homeopath is easy. Call Heike on 0437 796 079 to make an appointment at your convenience and start looking after yourself naturally. Homoeopathic remedies are:  NOT tested on animals. Produced by the Australian owned homeopathic pharmacies. TGA approved. Don’t create any toxic waste, are easy to take and are 100% natural. Private healthcare rebates may apply.

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