Sick of Empty Promises?

iStock_000013590499XSmallHere’s how to find a great, qualified and ethical natural health care practitioner.

Recently I had a phone call from a distraught mother. Her son suffered from a number of allergies and after orthodox treatment failed she set out to find an alternative health care professional. The person she ended up with offered a treatment plan including many supplements to purchase. It all sounded promising but after spending several thousands of dollars her son still suffered from allergies and no improvement was noticeable. What got to me the most was that this mother felt she needed to complete the therapy since she had spent so much money already.

Here’s my advice:

Firstly, decide on a modality. I personally respect and recommend practitioners who work in traditional alternative health care such as Western Herbalism, Chinese Traditional Medicine or Homoeopathy. These methods of treatment took hundreds or even thousands of years to develop and are truly tried and tested. There are many other new age therapies out there but these three are traditional alternative therapies with a large body of evidence behind them. The Swiss government has stated in its latest most comprehensive report that these therapies are as respected and effective as orthodox medical treatment.

Secondly, the healthcare practitioner should be registered, well trained and member of an Association. They should also provide private health care rebates if you are covered. This ensures that the practitioner keeps up with their ongoing training and registration.

Thirdly, it is also a good sign if the practitioner is specialising in their therapy only. This shows that they are confident in the ability of their chosen field. “Jack of all trades” often mix and match and dart between different therapies with questionable results.

You should be able to book a short initial appointment to see if you have found the right practitioner. This could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You know you’ve found a great therapist if they tell you from the beginning what to expect. Also telling you when the next visit should take place, and give you means of communication in-between successive visits, in order to assure the best possible follow up. You can also help through careful observation of any change in symptoms. Alternative health care is a collaboration. You are the expert in how you feel and your practitioner should be the expert in their chosen field.

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