Taking The Struggle Out Of Childhood Eczema

When your child’s eczema is ruling your life it’s easy to be on the brink of despair.

Eczema is a bane for around 10% of all children. The first stop is of course the doctor. A parent with good intentions will apply the topical steroid creams and lotions dutifully.

After all, the child is uncomfortable, with skin so itchy it will keep the family awake at night. Topical steroids will be used almost daily, leading to the much-feared steroid dependency and side effects.

This is a road many parents would like to avoid.

Overseas studies suggest that eczema could be handled another way. Children under homeopathic treatment will sleep better, behave better and the symptoms of eczema and associated conditions will be much improved. Children will get their childhood back and parents are relieved when skin flare ups take the backseat. Sleepless nights and unwelcome comments from strangers will be a distant memory. How?

Scientific research in favor of homoeopathy is being released constantly. This latest long term study from Italy observed and recorded 325 children suffering from asthma, eczema and hay fever over a period of 16 yrs. Short term improvement was seen in 80.3% of eczema cases. Long term results were even more striking. A staggering 84.2% of children presented with complete remission. These results are impressive don’t you think? Classical homeopath Heike Bishop says “I have seen quite a number of children with eczema. The results in my clinic trend to confirm this study. This is why I am excited to offer a no obligation phone consultation until the 10th of April 2017”. Phone 0437 796 079.


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