The easiest way to deal with hay fever – naturally

Sick of your allergy medication and no other way to turn? Think again.

Complementary medicine has had effective solutions for centuries but you won’t hear about the benefits at your local chemist.

Headlines such as ‘scientists warn – hay fever drugs may shrink your brain and raise dementia risk’ will make you question your meds.

The Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology concluded revealed that brain scans showed reduced brain size in people on allergy meds taken 3+ years.

Time to try a different approach so you can breathe through spring.

If nature gives you hay fever it also has the power to remedy it. Two of Adelaide’s experts in complementary medicine have joint to offer effective and side effect free relief this spring.

These experienced practitioners have fought on the ‘pollen front’ for several years and will tailor a natural remedy to your specific symptoms to increase immunity.

Fast results could be expected so you are ready to enjoy this spring.

Special offer of $85 for introductory treatment including prescription will end early November. Be quick – private health care rebates still apply.

Is Homeopathy Right For You?

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