Travel like the Queen with homeopathic medicine

Can you imagine getting off a long-haul flight and hitting the ground running?

How about jet lag not spoiling the first few days of your holiday…

Has your stomach given you grief after sampling that delicious street food you couldn’t resist?

How about travel nerves driving you crazy before going away?

Do it the royal way. Queen Elisabeth II has travelled with a customized homeopathic travel kit carried in a special leather case for centuries.

Homeopathics helped her to prevent fatigue, jet lag, indigestion or diarrhea and many other ailments that have the potential to ruin a well-deserved break.

Homeopathic remedies work rapidly, are inexpensive, lightweight and non-toxic. Bookings are available  at AdelaideHillsHomeopathy until the 20th of December.

If you are travelling to Asia for example, remedies for diarrhea, heat exhaustion and over partying might serve you well. Long-haul flights will be a problem if your destination is further away.

Remedies dealing with jetlag and time differences will be a natural, side-effective free alternative to sleeping pills. Certain tropical diseases can be helped with well selected remedies.

Equipped with your personalized kit, you’ll not only be traveling smarter – but safer.

Enjoy your holiday!

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