Vaccination After Care

DSC03218-CAs mentioned in a previous article your child should be in peak health before being vaccinated.

Vitamin C should be given one week before and one week after vaccinating – and this is where all the DIY should stop.

Treatment Options

Homoeopathy: Has an excellent track record with children. Easy to take, safe and effective it also offers a tailor made treatment for your child. There is growing clinical evidence that homoeopathy offers many solutions in vaccine damage and detoxes gently and effectively under supervision. For more information: Call 0437 796 079

Supplements: Please always check if the recommended amount is safe for children to take. Also, when you give fish oil to your child make sure it is purified from Mercury and other heavy metals.

Chelation: This radical approach should be supervised by a registered medical practitioner. Unfortunately vaccine toxins do not only contain heavy metals. Biological material and chemicals can’t be removed via chelation.

Herbs: Again for your child’s safety find a registered herbalist to assist you in the process. However herbs can be a challenge because they are preserved in medicinal alcohol and/or have a bitter taste.

Is Homeopathy Right For You?

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